Grpc python import error

I have an error for using grpc in python3. Could you have any tip for import error “free(): invalid pointer”

I installed grpc below version.

When I use deepstream-5.01 on NX, it works well. but when i use deepstream-5.1 and jetpack 4.5.1 on NX, it doesn’t.
Please help me. Thank you in advance.

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Hey customer, seems it’s not a deepstream issue.


Is the version 1.37.1 essential for you?

We install the latest and doesn’t meet an import error.
Could you give it a try?

$ pip3 install -U grpcio 


Thank you.
I put my command
pip3 install grpcio
and it occurred error in progress import grpc in py file.

When i uninstall grpcio and reinstall with “pip3 install -U grpcio” , it works well.
I’m appreciate for your help.

grpcio==1.38.1 works well while grpcio==1.38.0 doesn’t.

thank you.
I solve this problem with numpy version 1.19.4 and import grpc in front of numpy and opencv.

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