Grub on Orin NX

Hi, I’m using Jetson R35.3.1 on an Orin NX module, I noticed in the boot menu there was an option to set
the boot method to Grub

Is using grub something that is actively supported or is this option a leftover from previous versions?

If the former, is there any setup guide?

Thank you for the help

My last state from @WayneWWW it is just a test for the future.

I’ve been interested in it as well. Maybe something changed in the current release?

Interesting thank you, it being a test feature is definitely more encouraging than a deprecated one

Hi lorenzo.ruffati,

Could you help to point out where you see this option?

What’s your use case for grub?
It seems we are using UEFI for boot device selection on JP5.

In the boot menu there is an option from which I could select “Grub”, “Extlinux”, “Direct” and “Recovery” (I’m going by memory here so the specific name might change)

I imagine it is interpreted in L4TLauncher here: edk2-nvidia/L4TLauncher.c at main · NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia · GitHub

Nvidia L4T doesn’t use grub to boot OS.
You should be able to use a standard OS distribution that boots with grub if you want to.

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