Gscam framerate decrease

I have discovered that when using the ROS driver “gscam” to receive camera data via rostopic(ROS), there is a noticeable decrease in the framerate.
When I set 30 fps to camera, if I write gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! videoconvert command(gstreamer command), it publish images with 30 fps.
But when I use gscam(ros driver), It only can publish image with 10~11fps.
So I analyze gscam.cpp code, GstSample sample = gst_app_sink_pull_sample(GST_APP_SINK(sink_));* executing this sentence takes about 0.1 seconds, so it can only publish images below 10fps.
Can you give any solutions with this issue? Thx.

My gstreamer version is 1.16 and my develop enviornment is Orin

gscam ros driver link : GitHub - ros-drivers/gscam: ROS Camera driver for GStreamer-based video streams.

@pd3518 this would seem unrelated to be a Jetson-specific issue and rather related to the performance/optimization of that gscam package (which might also exhibit similar behavior on x86)

However you could try the video_source node from ros_deep_learning package which supports GStreamer and hardware-accelerated decoding:

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