GSM module for TK1 board

Hello all, I am looking for sending SMS/Calls using GSM [GLOBAL SYSTEM FOR MOBILE COMMUNICATION] from TK1 to another person smartphone without “twilio”.

Using a cellular network to send SMS/Video to another person smartphone from TK1 board.

Please let me know a suitable method to send any file [.txt.mp4] from TK1 board to another person smartphone [distance=30 miles so no use of bluetooth].

Thanks in advance!

Hi All, If you know the process of a 3G modem with TK1 board, that would be a great help.

In the rural area no wired or wifi connection. The only possibility to connect TK1 to it is through the cell phone network.

Can anyone please help me out with cell phone network modem which is compatible to TK1 board.

Hi spahune,

Please check the TK1 wiki, there might be relevant info as reference: