Gsreamer questions

Hello there and good day!

Really impressive work with the Deepstream SDK. Had some questions about the GStreamer I was hoping someone could shed some light on:

  1. When you develop Deepstream on GStreamer, are there any good materials for guidance?
  2. When I use DeepStream or Gstreamer, is it possible to extract the information, e.g., motion vector, residual, macroblock partition type, from bit stream? Which function can we use to implement this?
  3. Is it possible to replace part of the specified decoding information during the decoding process, such as modifying the residual referenced by the specified macroblock, the reference frame of the specified macroblock, and changing the reference frame of the specified macroblock to other pictures in the non-original video by DeepStream?
  4. Shall we use GStreamer by python?

Thanks a lot.

The official GStreamer documents and source codes are good materials.

These are codec related information, it is not available in GStreamer plugin level.

It is codec level, you need to customize your own codec element to implement what you mentioned.

GStreamer bindings are supported by gst-python Whether to use GStreamer by python depends on your evaluation for your resources, knowledges and requirements.

For more GStreamer related questions, you’d better google by yourself.

Thank you so much. I am reading the materials now. It’s really in a hurry. We are trying to contact some experts/users of Gstreamer. We also feel slightly ashamed to put the question under DeepStream to bother you. Thanks for your reply again.

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