Gst-nvcompositor compile error against gstreamer 1.18.0

This is the error:

gstnvcompositor.c: In function ‘gst_nvcompositor_pad_prepare_frame’:
gstnvcompositor.c:548:11: error: ‘GstVideoAggregatorPad {aka struct _GstVideoAggregatorPad}’ has no member named ‘buffer’
if (!pad->buffer)

Looks like the buffer member variable has been removed by this commit in gstreamer: videoaggregator: Move aggregated_frame and the pad buffer into the pr… · GStreamer/gst-plugins-base@1c8110a · GitHub

Can nvidia please provide a patch to fix this?

Since the plugins are built with 1.14.5, it may not work properly with other version which has deviation in header files. We would suggest use 1.14.5.

Is there any plan for nvidia to upgrade to newer version of gstreamer? Version 1.14.5 is a couple of years old now.

On r32 releases, the gstreamer version stays on 1.14.5 and there is no plan for upgrading to a newer version. Please try to build nvcompositor and give it a try. The plugins are open source from r32.5.1. Please download the source code package and try.

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