Gst-nvmultistreamtiler custom-tile-config property

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

Hello i’m trying to make a stream using deepstream

my system is xavier NX, jetpack 4.4, i use deepstream 5.0

i have 3 stream(HD,SD,SD) and finally i tiled all of this using nvmultistreamtiler

it is very fast because it is under NVMM but, i don’t want interpolation same size of them
i wanna be keep the resolution of all stream

so i use Gstream box, mixer, but it was very slow

i wonder when i can use custom-tile-config property on GST-nvmultistreamtiler

if it was release, plz let me know where can i get the information

Seems this is a new feature request for nvmultistreamtiler. Can you elaborate more details for the request such as layout details, width and height limitations, blending methods, etc and the purpose to displaying tiled videos with different resolutions?

Thanks for reply.
are you saying nothing has been done about costom-tile-config(any patch)???

Now i use box and videomixer plugin instead of nvmultistreamtiler.
they do not interpolation each stream and i can put the stream where i want
that’s it!

costom-tile-config of nvmultistreamtiler is still under development.

Your specific requirement for the feature is welcome.

Thanks! i need to find another way to tile 3 stream fast