GST/V4L2 memory issue when trying to use three cams on Jetson Nano

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I am wondering where I could get some help with a recurring problem when running 3 USB cameras simultaneously on a Jetson Nano 4GB dev kit. The problem is clearly only present when using three cameras simultaneously instead of just two or one. The error message points to a memory allocation problem in the depths of v4l2/gstreamer and has come to me in this or that form repeatedly with various inference solutions, but only on the Jetson Nano.

Actually, I thought that the DeepStream SDK was just made for multiple inputs. Am I using the wrong platform?

Seems there is bandwidth limitation for USB2 camera. Please refer to connected more than two usb cameras problem on deepstream-app (Jetson Nano Dev Kit) - Intelligent Video Analytics / DeepStream SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums