GstInterpipe Plugin Inside Gstreamer

@ronny.jimenez @DavidSoto-RidgeRun Can GstInterpipe Plugin be used inside Gstreamer ? I saw the code for 30 min server, being familiar with Gstreamer API’s, I want to use these Plugins inside Gstreamer, can I build it like a regular Gstreamer Plugin in Gstreamer GST-inspect-1.0 version 1.16.2 ?

Please also check the webpage and contact RidgeRun to get help:
GstInterpipe - Contact Us

You may find some instructions for building and installing from this link.

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@Honey_Patouceul I am really frustrated with Nvidia, built Open CV with CUDA, installed NVEnc and nvdec , realized nvdec don’t work on my system as they are not fully installed, do not have any documentation any where to take this forward .

The plugin is installed but nvh264dec and nvh265dec are no-where to be seen , I can see them for NVENC , nvh264enc and nvh265enc !!

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