GStreamer 0.10 omx plugins


I have updated to R24.1 by using JetPack 2.2 today (Jetson TX1). I have installed the necessary gstreamer packages given in L4T multimedia user guide. But unfortunately, there are no “omx” plugins installed. I have been using nv_omx_h264dec, nv_omx_h264enc, nv_omx_videosink. None of them exists. What can be wrong and How can I install omx elements?

gst-inspect-0.10 --version gives;


There is also version 1.0 installed, would that work for you?


No, we have a custom plugin developed in gstreamer 0.10, so we need omx elements at gstreamer 0.10

GStreamer 0.10 is deprecated in L4T 24.1, please update the plugin to use GStreamer 1.0