Gstreamer | bayer through ISP to display + filesink for RAW Bayer

Hello Community,

I’m looking to see how one might acheive a pipeline setup for a configuration like this:
I have a CSI Camera ( IMX477 ) and I want to pipe that into the built-in ISP for liveview display.
But at the same time I want to save each frame of the RAW Bayer data from the camera before It gets to the ISP? or perhaps after even?

Main thing I need:
-Liveview from the camera with processed image ( debayering, gamma, etc… )
-Save RAW Bayer frames to disk as individual frames.

I have the IMX477 drivers installed and I have experimented with the examples provided by ridgerun to show live preview on screen.

How might one achieve this with gstreamer?


Sorry, for current design can’t do it either argus or v4l2.