gstreamer duplicate h.264 frames every 8-10s?

My setup is two cameras (Leopard Imaging IMX-377) on R28.2.1. The power is set to mode 0 and has set the GPU frequency to max.

I am running two pipelines using nvcamerasrc that record two separate pipelines and are demuxed into a single mkv stream (with two video tracks for the left and right camera respectively).

We are trying to do 4k@30hz (constant).

What I am seeing is what appears to be an oddball performance issue:

Every 8-10s I see a duplicate frame in the stream and thus the video is a bit choppy. Is this from frame drop in the encoder? I’m more than happy to share my entire pipeline, but has anyone seen this before? I noticed others have seen strange encoding issues on the TX2 as well from forum searching.

Wrong thread.

Does preview pipeline have problem?

What is a preview pipeline?

Does R28.2 known to drop frames at 4k@30fps? I can tell you that playing back two streams simultaneously on the TX2 on R28.2 also has resource issues? CPU spikes to >>100% and the video is very slow.

I mean without encode have the issue too. You may need to break down the pipeline which element cause the issue first.
And I would suggest to migrate to r32.2 for some performance improve.