Gstreamer killed

I was using Gstreamer to encode h265 on TX1 . i use appsrc to get the yuv420 data , but after a while my program killed by linux , here is my pushbuffer programe
void PushBuffer()
GstFlowReturn ret;
GstBuffer buffer;
int size = WIDTH
GstMapInfo info;

buffer = gst_buffer_new_allocate(NULL, size, NULL); 		//分配空间
gst_buffer_map(buffer, &info, GST_MAP_WRITE);
unsigned char* buf =;
memmove(buf, rawdata, size);
gst_buffer_unmap(buffer, &info);
ret = gst_app_src_push_buffer(GST_APP_SRC(appsrc), buffer);
if(ret < 0)
	puts(" pushbuffer error\n");	


You might want to run something like top, htop, or xosview to see if memory is running out right before the kill. If so, that’s normal. What are the symptoms or error messages when it fails?

I usr top in linux find the reasons , I push data too much but tht element omxh265enc not fast enough to free the gstbuffer but how to accelerating encoding?

For the specific software I can’t answer. You can be sure though to put the Jetson in performance mode, e.g., no sleeping cores:

thankyou very much