GStreamer linux segfault on examples

Hello everyone,

I am going through the tutorials of GStreamer to start a project with it .

The first example from Basic tutorial 1: Hello world!

gives me a segfault on the code with the line “gst_bus_timed_pop_filtered”

No additional information comes along with it, even on a debug build. An strace shows

child_tid=0x7f7ae7fff910, parent_tid=0x7f7ae7fff910, exit_signal=0, stack=0x7f7ae77ff000, stack_size=0x7fff00, tls=0x7f7ae7fff640} => {parent_tid=[106083]}, 88) = 106083 rt_sigprocmask(SIG_SETMASK, [], NULL, 8) = 0 futex(0x55efd9f09e60, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = 1 futex(0x55efda1bc188, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = 1 futex(0x55efda1b4198, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = 1 futex(0x55efda1b2c18, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = 0 futex(0x55efda1b2c48, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = 1 futex(0x55efda197ec0, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = 1 futex(0x55efda1b4168, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 2147483647) = 0 futex(0x55efda1b4198, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 1) = 1 futex(0x55efda1b2ca0, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 2147483647) = 0 --- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0x43} --- +++ killed by SIGSEGV +++

I have tried it on another physical computer, but it does the same segfault. Any ideas? The second example has similar issues. Is there a way to check my libraries, codes?

Both machines are on ubuntu


I mage a Ubuntu 22.04 Virtual Machine with the exact same code and cmake file. The example there works inside the VM but on the same (native) physical machine is does not work.

After some digging, I start my application like this:

GST_DEBUG=*:5 ./MainC

The environment variable gives additional debug printouts, here is the last few lines right before the crash.

0:00:00.399117728 4734 0x55fc7ca20400 DEBUG GST_STATES gstelement.c:3100:gst_element_change_state:<playbin0> element will change state ASYNC 0:00:00.399122964 4734 0x55fc7ca20400 DEBUG GST_STATES gstelement.c:3041:gst_element_set_state_func:<playbin0> returned ASYNC 0:00:00.399128293 4734 0x55fc7ca20400 DEBUG GST_BUS gstelement.c:3533:gst_element_get_bus:<playbin0> got bus <bus1> 0:00:00.399131644 4734 0x55fc7cca8700 DEBUG GST_BUS gstbus.c:338:gst_bus_post:<bus0> [msg 0x7f90fc007630] posting on bus stream-status message: 0x7f90fc007630, time 99:99:99.999999999, seq-num 23, element 'src', GstMessageStreamStatus, type=(GstStreamStatusType)enter, owner=(GstElement)"\(GstSoupHTTPSrc\)\ source", object=(GstTask)"\(GstTask\)\ source:src"; 0:00:00.399142681 4734 0x55fc7cca8700 DEBUG bin gstbin.c:3686:gst_bin_handle_message_func:<playbin0> [msg 0x7f90fc007630] handling child src message of type stream-status Segmentation fault

I am working on the VM now and assume I have some library / dependency hell issue in the native OS which I cant clear out.

I moved this to a more appropriate category, as Nsight Compute is for the kernel profiling tool, only.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue anymore.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Hello @JohnMyer , Sorry for the late reply, Does the issue still exist?
As it is a pure GStreamer issue, we suggest you go to Gstreamer forum to get support, DeepStream forums focuses on DeepStream related topics, thanks.

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