Gstreamer 'nvmultistreamtiler' element with 'custom-tile-config' property

I am interested to use the ‘custom-tile-config’ property from the ‘nvmultistreamtiler’ element to cerate a tiling with individual positions and resolutions of the inputs. Is this feature already supported in any Beta versions? How is the property specified in detail?

If it is not possible to use I would propably try to get along with the glvideomixerelement. But I am unsure about the best way to convert from video/x-raw(memory:NVMM) to video/x-raw(memory:DMABuf) or video/x-raw(memory:GLMemory)

Thanks for your help!

We are checking to give out a sample of configuring the property. However, it may not be linked with glvideomixer since only video/x-raw(memory:NVMM) is supported.

yes I am aware of that the glvideomixer does not support memory:NVMM. I was asking if there is an element to move the memory from NVMM to GLMemory, anyhow if a custom config is possible I won’t need the glvideomixer at all.

Thanks for your help.

Please check 2.5.3 in

It is reserved for future use. On DS4.0, it is not open yet.

To convert from NVMM to GL memory you can try the following approach -
nvvideoconvert plugin for NVMM —> Raw
gldownload plugin for Raw --> GLMemory