GStreamer plugin using Maxine SDK

recently i wrote a GStreamer plugin to use Maxine SDK in a generic pipeline. Now i want to publish it under LGPL license as advised here
Are there any problems with Maxine SDK license?

Hey @voidmainvoid95

It is great to see your effort in this direction. We will get back to you soon with information about the same!

@voidmainvoid95 Could you share for which SDK (Video Effects, Audio Effects, Augmented Reality) did you design the plugin? Do you have any specific targeted OS? Which feature plugins did you design/test? (AIGS, Super Resolution, Background Noise Reduction, etc)?

Hi @tvarshney ,
At the moment the plugin implement each effect present in Video Effects SDK under Linux.
The desired effect can be selected using plugin prop and can be combined with others in the same pipeline. I’ve also implemented a custom meta to pass foreground mask from GreenScreen to BackgroundBlur or other future effects involving the mask.

@tvarshney Is the plugin published?

@wawacry Yes, you can find it here!