gstreamer reverse playback on Jetson TX1

I tried to execute reverse playback of MP4 file with Jetson TX1, but reverse playback did not work.

This was the sequence what I did.

  1. execute “gst-install --prefix=/home/ubuntu/gst-1.6.0 --version=1.6.0”
  2. go to “/home/ubuntu/gst-1.6.0/bin” directory
  3. execute “gst-play-1.0 xxx.mp4”
  4. type “t” for enabling trick mode
  5. type “d” for changing playback direction

But reverse playback did not work with Jetson TX1.
I tried that sequence with Windows 10, it worked perfectly!

Does anyone know how to make it work?

I am not sure if nvidia plugins support trick modes at this point

Hi DavidSoto,
Thank you for your comment.
So I have to try to implement trick mode by my hand…
(Decode some previous frames and pick up images and display)

Hi bdaddr,
We do not support reverse playback now. Please use ‘nvgstplayer-1.0 --help’ to see what operations are supported/implemented

source of nvgstplayer is at