Gstreamer RTSP Client causes UVC errors in LibRealsense

Required Info
Camera Model D435 / D455 / T265
Firmware Version
Operating System & Version Ubuntu 18.04
Kernel Version (Linux Only) 4.9.201-tegra
Platform NVIDIA Jetson
SDK Version 2.50
Language C/C++
Segment Robot

Issue Description

I have a system where I have three shared objects loaded dynamically at run time. One is handling all of our realsense interaction, one is an RTSP gstreamer server and the other is an RTSP gstreamer client (on the same device).

The reason for the keep alive client is that when the gstreamer server goes from 1 or more clients to no clients there was a 10 second reset period that would cause re-connection errors. Our solution to this problem was a on-device keep-alive client that would connect via loop back to the server such that there would always be 1 or more clients. This keep-alive client would just sink to a “fakesink” and not make use of the incoming video stream data.

For the longest time, using different combinations of SDK versions and D435/D455 firmware versions, we have been getting these UVC errors off and on when setting up the RGB stream OR depth stream on the D4XX cameras.

We have recently come to find that when we disable this keep alive gstreamer module we do not have any UVC errors from librealsense.

So my question is: Does anyone know how a gstreamer RTSP “fakesink” client could cause UVC errors in the realsense side of things?

Also posted on Librealsense GitHub Issues and Gstreamer Gitlab Issues

Were you able to resolve the issue?
With RSUSB backend enabled?
With RSUSB backend disabled with L4_Ubuntu patch applied?
Does the issue reoccur if there is just 1 device [camera] configuration?
Did you try upgrading the firmware/SDK version?

We have not yet tested. Likely will get to that in the next day or so.

It seems to be unrelated. For decoding RTSP stream it uses NVDEC engine. Should not impact functionality of USB. A FAQ is about connecting multiple realsense cameras. Since each camera takes significant bandwidth so we suggest use the type-A port and two type-C ports on Xavier developer kit.

Here is a related topic:
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See Realsense github issue for solution.

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