Gstreamer: stream video over internet

I am using nVidia TX1.

I have attached a camera module to it which give UYVY video output in 1080p60. I am using gstreamer 1.2.4 pipeline for preview, udp & rtsp streaming. And This works fine.

I can view streaming video using VLC player or gstreamer pipeline from Clinet PC in local LAN.

But How can i stream this live video feed over Internet so it can be viewed from anywhere in the world?

I came across some software which can stream WebCam video over internet. But the problem is that My camera feed is UYVY so i can’t directly play video0 device from any 3rd party software. I need gstreamer to do color conversion.

So how can i directly stream from Gstreamer Pipeline over Internet? Any software like wowza or other method available?

Hi RiteshPanchal,

I think your issue is about Ethernet setting but not gstreamer. As I know, RTSP server of gstreamer is always mounted on http://localhost:8554.

If you have a public IP, others can use their VLC to see your stream.

My local IP :
My Public IP:

i can see rtsp stream from Local LAN client PC in VLC using following link.

So according to you i can play same video stream using my public IP, Right?rtsp://

But if i tried the same i can’t getting the stream. But i might be Internet speed issue because 1080p60 video requires high bandwidth. Right?

Hi RiteshPanchal,
PLease follow the steps and give it a try.

The steps are verified on both TK1 and TX1.

Hello Dane,

Your Link suggest how to use gst-rtsp-server. But that’s i am already using. and its working fine.
I have tested rtsp streaming over my local LAN. But now i want stream over Internet.

As i have not much experience in Network Streaming. I am asking, whats the easy and efficient way to do stream over online?

Do gst-rtsp-server doing these already?
or i need to use any Online Streaming service like ffmpeg or wowza server or like that.
In Some link, i found ffmpeg stream directly to YouTube Live.
So i am looking for this kinda tool those works with TX1.

Hi RiteshPanchal,
One method is to configure TX1 with public IP you should be able to get information about ‘set static IP ubuntu 16.04’

And it should get streaming on when connecting rtsp://

For the case in #3, it is an advanced network setting and hope other users can share experience.