[Gstreamer-TX1] Streaming stops for seconds sometime?

Hi guys,
I’m using JetsonTX1 to sending video camera with some properties: 60fps, h265encode (omxh265enc)… to a PC computer that runs on CPU only through udp multicast. There are rare problems that we found out when we test product:
Streaming stops for seconds. It means receiving side hasn’t received images from sending side about 2,3 seconds. After that, it continues receiving. This issue let to streaming is interrupted.
So anyone know this problem comes from? ( I checked the bandwidth along with the streaming => 0% packet lost. And the port we used for this process is 15004 ).

Thanks in advance.!

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Hi Asley,
It is more like an issue in network. Do you see it in streaming to localhost?

Hi DaneLLL;
Thanks for your response.
No. We’re streaming through multicast.
Each device is separate.
And I also use config-interval=1 for h265parse element.
Any other suggestions?

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We suggest you check if the throughput is unstable in some cases. If streaming to local host is good, it looks to be network issue making stuck.

Other users may share their experience.

Not sure it helps, but you may also try to set config-interval=1 in rtph265pay options.

ya. Thanks @Honey_Patouceul for your suggestion.
I’ll give it a try in next experiment.
Thanks in advance.

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