Gstreamer video recording duration

Hi, all
The pipeline uses nvv4l2h264enc, flvmux, filesink to record videos. How do I know the recorded duration/ encoded duration while recording?

You may try to set this:

$ export GST_DEBUG=*v4l2videoenc*:5

And then each frame to encoder is printed out.
For showing information on preview, may try either timeoverlay or clockoverlay

How can I get the GST_DEBUG message in main loop, not stdout ?

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared? Thanks

With GST_DEBUG=v4l2videoenc:5, the debug messages content are useful, but how can I get the messages in the main loop? since my program need to know the exact frame number that has been encoded, not for debug purpose

This would need to customize gst-v4l2 to add the function. Need other users to share experience.

The gstreamer functions may help:

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