Gstreamer warning, when file-loop is enabled on sample app

PC: RTX 2070 Super
Deepstream: 6.4
Driver Version: 535.154.05
Docker image: deepstream:6.4-gc-triton-devel

I am working on the sample app deepstream-test3 in C++ for deepstream 6.4. I can compile and use the app correctly.

However If I configure the app to use nvurisrcbin and then enable file-loop option as below. There is a gstreamer warning that constantly appears. I have tested this sample app with deepstream 6.2 and it does not have this warning.

    uri_decode_bin = gst_element_factory_make ("nvurisrcbin", "uri-decode-bin");
    g_object_set (G_OBJECT (uri_decode_bin), "file-loop", TRUE, NULL);
    g_object_set (G_OBJECT (uri_decode_bin), "cudadec-memtype", 0, NULL);
(deepstream-test3-app:448): GStreamer-WARNING **: 13:27:37.082: ../gst/gstpad.c:4416:gst_pad_chain_data_unchecked:<nvv4l2decoder0:sink> Got data flow before segment event

DeepStream 6.4 has upgraded gstreamer to a 1.20. In the new version, this is just a warning print and does not affect the actual process gstpad.c. You can ignore those warnings. They shouldn’t have any side effects generally other than being annoying.