GStreamer working but v4l2-ctl is not

Hey, we updated our system from NANO to XAIVER NX and also from Jetpack 4.5 to 4.6. We have 2 custom camera sensors of different model and custom sensor drivers and device tree.

It was working great with NANO but now with XAVIER NX we do not get camera output from one sensor (the other working great) when using v4l2-ctl.
The funny thing is, that it works perfectly using GStreamers NvArgusCameraSrc.
As far as I knew it was only possible to have v4l2 working and not GStreamer, but now it is the other way around.

I think it must be some misconfiguration in the device tree maybe. Do you have any tips what could cause that behavior. Anything needed for v4l2, which is not needed for Argus?

I attached

the error in an image.

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Please share the information for reference:

$ v4l2-ctl --list-formats-ext

And are the cameras from our camera partner? If yes please specify the partner name.

as I wrote, we do not work with a camera partner. Instead we develop our own pcbs and drivers and device tree for sensors.

The formats in v4l2-ctl are shown correctly. I can show you later an output. I am in home office right now.

Can you give me any more information on my question? What could result in GStreamer working but v4l2-ctl not?

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We have the same problem with using the baseboards from AUVIDEA which was a reference for our board design.
i2c-2 (i2c@3180000 - serial a) sensor is working totally fine in both v4l2 and gstreamer nvarguscamerasrc.
i2c-1 (i2c@c240000 - serial e) sensor is working in gstreamer nvarguscamerasrc only, and not in v4l2)
i2c-8 (i2c@31e0000 - serial c) sensor is working totally fine in both v4l2 and gstreamer nvarguscamerasrc.

The error also happens when using v4l2src in GStreamer.

The error is the same as here:

For nvarguscamerasrc and v4l2 they are different driver and their timing may different cause this kind of problem.
Could you check if any software reset REG need programing in the sensor driver before sensor mode initialize.

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