Gsync Compatible vs. Gsync Smoothness

Has anyone noticed that VRR through Freesync displays with a Nvidia GPU just isn’t as smooth as Gsync?

I’ve had both a XV273K & XB273K + a 34GK950G/F side by this this past week and the Freesync versions both stuttered and were a blurry mess especially in games with rough frame times (AC). The panels pixel response reacted slowly/poorly when recovering from a frame drop or during a large sweep up or down.
It’s 90% “acceptable” to the average user but I can spot the difference clear as day after using a 32GK850G & PG27UQ as my main displays for the past year. It’s bad enough for me that I’d avoid using Gsync Compatible displays all together at this point. IMO the only scenario I would consider one is if the games I played could be pushed at a locked -3 refresh rate 99% of the time which basically removes all the VRR anomalies (but makes it pointless).