GT 730 4GB & Cuda on Debian 10


As stated above I’ve got the 4GB variant of the gt 730 and would like to use it on my server, which is running a debian based distro. I had nvidia-smi working with the legacy 390xx driver, as nothing else stated that it was supported, but the nvidia site says that GT 730’s are still supported with the new drivers (450 at the time of posting)

What can I do to get CUDA & cuDNN working with the legacy driver, or is there a way to use the new ones?

I did a search, and found this thread (Install CUDA, Nvidia driver and cudnn for GeForce GT 730.) but there wasn’t any resolution there.

** EDIT: I have this GPU:

According to the NVIDIA driver site the latest driver for Linux is R450.80.02 and if you refer to the Release Notes of the Programming Guide you should be able to run up to CUDA 11.0.3 Update 1. Unfortunately, looking at the CUDA toolkit download page, the Debian install is only available with CUDA 11.1. At the moment, you can either try install CUDA 11.1 or try an older version of CUDA with a different distribution installer. One of those might get you by until R455 is supported on your card.