gt200 mobile? mobile solution for gt200

I want to buy a labtop to work with CUDA, but I really interested on have double precision suport.

Anyone has any idea on by when we are going to have mobile solution like Quadro FX for notebooks based on the GT200 series?

I’m interested in this myself…I tried searching around before and couldn’t ANY mention of this – no release dates, rumors, or anything else. Considering that the 9M series only came out about 8 months ago, it may be a little while before we see a mobile GT200 series.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed though!

After the GT200 die shrinks and cut-down (ie mid-range) GT200s come out.

When will that happen? Who knows.

GT200 is a beast, transistor-wise and power-wise.

I don’t know if anyone saw this when it came out…but I was researching laptops today (I want to get one with a decent CUDA-enabled card) and found this (from about a month ago):

Cliffnotes: Mobile GT200’s available to manufacturers now (models G105M, G110M, G130M) and expected to start showing up on the market in March.