GT310 cuda 5.0 not available on archlinux

Hay everyone can help me?
i try search cuda 5.0 for archlinux x86_64 cant found.

None of the current or previous CUDA versions are shipped with archlinux in mind, specifically. I’m not sure which Linux distribution is most similar to Arch, but that’s probably what you’d want to pick if you are dead set on using that distribution for CUDA for whatever reason. Otherwise, I would suggest picking a supported configuration.

GT310 is a rebadged GT210, which is a very old GPU by today’s standards. For this card, you would be using legacy drivers – the latest being 340.102, which supports this card and other legacy ones. I believe for driver 340, CUDA 6.5 is supported for that particular card:

and you can find it here:

If you would like to explore the latest CUDA capabilities, I would suggest purchasing a GT 1030, which can be purchased for around 70 USD currently. For that device, you would be able to use the latest NVIDIA driver and CUDA toolkit.

The driver stable on 304.135, i still try to install cuda5.0

I posted the CUDA 5.0 toolkit link as the first link. The latter part of the answer was for your benefit so that you’re aware that performance and some features will be limited on that older GPU.