GT540M & CUDA for 3D Photogrammetry

Trying to have a go at Photogrammetry.
Had issues using Meshroom etc and was told to update my graphics card driver.
My system says latest drivers installed. I know it is an old card GeFrorce GT540M
Does CUDA get updated with that driver or do I have to download and install CUDA driver too?
Would the latest CUDA work on my card.
I’m only running WIN7 with 8GB RAM.
On Meshroom I seem to get through the process but the final product fails.
Only using around 50 images to produce a 3D model and was wondering if my graphics card could be the prolem…along with my limited 8GB Ram.
Any guidence would be welcome.

No. According to NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database your card is Fermi, Compute 2.1. The last Cuda version to support this is Cuda 8 which should work OK with the latest driver version.

Ok, thanks.
Would downloading the last for Cuda8 update be worth installing to try and get the best results for a 3D modelling project?
Download the zip file and extract to Nvidia folder?
Frustrating not being to generate 3D models in Meshroom etc. I know I’m on the boundries of specs required (8GB RAM) but thought my system would cope in small project generations (30-50 images) to create a 3D model?

Unfortunately it would appear not. I know nothing of Meshroom, but looking at this, you require a card that supports at least Compute Capability 3.0: Error: This program needs a CUDA Enabled GPU · alicevision/meshroom Wiki · GitHub

If you decide to go looking for a different card, the TechPowerup GPU database linked above, will tell you, in the “Cuda:” entry, in the"Graphics Features" box.

EDIT: Oops, a little hasty. The same Meshroom page also says " Meshroom 2020 requires at least compute capability 3 (built with CUDA SDK 10). Take a look at this table to find your device CUDA - Wikipedia. Otherwise you can use Meshroom 2019 which requires compute capability 2.

In which case you should be fine if you install the last Cuda 8.X toolkit and skip the driver install stage, to keep your latest one. I am assuming you are wanting to build this software. If not then you do not need to install the toolkit, just get a 2019 Meshroom install.