GT540m driver problem

Hey guys,

I am using ubuntu for my server work for my website, but the problem is that I can only use my laptop screen, because my graphics driver isn’t installed. I tried almost everything, I tried installing via this website, but it says X server running, so in console mode I ran it again, but it says that there was something wrong with the nouveau kernel or something like that, so I reinstalled ubuntu, but it still wouldn’t work.

After that I tried installing it with jockey, it installed the driver I guess, but when I start ubuntu up, I can login, but there is no icon bar, no multitasking, I can open terminal, but the graphics of the desktop aren’t there and attaching my second screen doesn’t do anything either.

Is there a solution for this.

lspci | grep -i vga

Your GPU isn’t supported by Nvidia. You need Bumblebee or Nouveau+Prime.

Stop trying to install the driver directly.