GT710 No Audio No Video - Volumio Custom Debian Buster 10.2 for HiFi Audio

I wish to use the GT710 as a HDMI audio/video output for the image of Volumio - the card will be used as a HiFi audio output device to my preamp.

The current release of Volumio is Debian 8.2 and I couldn’t get it to work, if you would like to look at it, it is here - They offered me a beta of 10.2 to help test my situation, and I’m getting slightly farther but I am unable to get it to display graphics or output sound.

My Nvidia Bug Report is in hand but I can’t get the “paperclip” attachment to show. I’ll post this and see if I can make an attachment after.

When I boot the VM, the HDMI powers up and my screen goes black. There is no image and no audio.
alsamixer, aplay -l and lspci show the card. “speaker-test” fails with an error. I can SSH in and the OS GUI is available at the IP.

I first tested a lot on my own for the last month, I reached out to volumio, my host OS (Unraid) then the VFIO group on Reddit. I am now here. Your help is greatly appreciated!
bugreport.gz (37.3 KB)