GT710 with nvidia driver 352.79 dosn't work under kernel 3.18.25 with rt patch

Basic Information as follows:

kernel: 3.18.25 with rt patch
nvidia driver: 352.79
card: GT 710

install steps:
1、add IGNORE_PREEMPT_RT_PRESENCE=1 in kernel/ and kernel/uvm/
2、compile and insmod nvidia.ko

1、Run nvidia-smi or simple cuda example program some times, then the program will hangs.

analysis info (I had already add some debug code in nvidia code):
(1) Sometimes the number of kworker threads will increase quickly and also the os will hang(system load average increases).
----1、the program enters rm_get_gpu_uuid_raw (nv.c line: 1398), but without return.
(2) Sometimes the program is in D+ status, and hangs forever.
-----1、the program enters rm_init_adapter(nv.c line: 1383), and with nv debug log (NVRM: RmInitAdapter succeeded!), but without return.

Since nv-kernel.c source code isn’t available, Pls help me!

Can anyone help me?

Can developers of nvidia linux driver help us to debug this problem?