GT750M compatibility question

Can anyone point me to a single stable configuration of Linux with Optimus support on this card? I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P, and I have tried Arch and Debian, drivers from 304 to 325.15, kernels from 3.8 to 3.10, with no luck at all besides some marginal luck using Nouveau, and apparently some acceleration using Bumblebee and optirun.

I am open to anything. Somebody please help me find a Linux configuration that will work with this card - any distribution, kernel version, whatever. I spent a thousand dollars on this laptop just so I could do Linux OpenGL development, and am horribly depressed with my purchase after spending 20-30 hours trying to get this to work. The best I can do running Bumblebee is to get it to cancel loading the driver, apparently using a standard VGA/VESA driver, at 1024x768, with no acceleration.

NVIDIA, you guys say that support for the GT750M was introduced with the 319.17 driver, so if one of you can, please explain how I can replicate your working configuration.

Edit: misread post

You don’t mention you’ve tried the native xrandr mode instead of using Bumblebee, that’s worked for others, but is even more of a convoluted set up process. See this thread for example:

In re: bumblebee, if you install any driver after 319.17 via xorg-edgers repositories as they mention in their install procedure, what happens when you reboot after you run, for example, optirun firefox ? What error messages do you get? The support on Bumblebee forums is decent enough, I’ve gotten a few different laptops to work fine, and that was under older revisions.