GTC 2015 discount codes?

I’m only seeing a 20% discount code for the NVIDIA GTC 2015 conference and early registration ends today.

Anyone know of a steeper discount?

If you’re a presenter, you are given a discount code, and are invited to share it with colleagues.
The code is FF15S20 . But it’s only 20% as well.

Last year there was a 40% discount code.

How about NVidia offering a code for an extra 5% off every verified CUDA bug you’ve submitted the past year? :-) Allan, you’d probably get a free pass.

And NVidia should pay Norbert to attend for all the help he gives online!

Just payed mine. See you guys there! :-D

I received a $5 t-shirt about six months ago. :|


Speaking again at GTC, but not on the “Glass Brain” project this time.

For those who are interested in multi-GPU applications of CT and X-ray image reconstruction stop by our talk:

“Real-Time Multi-Plane Tomosynthesis Using GPUs”

Thanks for the endorsement, but! I attended the full GTC once while an employee, and to be honest, this is too big an event for me, so I declined to go the next year. I mostly hung out in the “Ask a CUDA expert” corner and came to the realization that I am not much of an expert :-)

From humble beginnings the CUDA universe has grown way too big to maintain a solid grasp on all but small areas, and NVIDIA’s CUDA customers do such amazing and sophisticated work, and have become so knowledgeable about CUDA itself, that the questions asked mostly turned out to be very challenging to answer. It was a very humbling but also exiting experience to be confronted with the sheer diversity of all the work that is going on with CUDA and presented at GTC.

So I will be looking forward to checking out more amazing presentations / papers online during and after GTC. I am particularly interested in medical and life sciences applications. Pointers welcome.

Hi will students have free admission again this year for the opening keynote presentation again?

Thank you!