GTC 2015 Sessions + Posters Now Live

If you missed GTC this year, the team has already made all of the talks and posters live on the GTC website. Below are the links to lengthy lists - you’re able to filter by keyword once you click on the link.


Popular blogs from last week:

Also, let me know if you noticed an underlying theme from this year’s conference. Mark your calendars for next year, GTC 2016 will be April 4-8.

Did you go this year? If so, please share your thoughts below.

  • Brad

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I have watched about 20 presentations so far, and as with prior GTCs, the breath of applications targeted by CUDA users is just amazing.

I also found some unexpected nuggets. A discussion of the hardware failure modes in large GPU-accelerated machines would seem boring at first thought, but I found the talk about this (using the Titan at Oakridge as an example) very much worthwhile and watched it to the end:

For frank discussion about the challenges of “lean DP” GPUs, I found the talks by Scott LeGrand and Ross Walker from the AMBER molecular dynamics project refreshing:,

Good stuff! Their next Summit supercomputer will be a beast!

Have you downloaded CUDA v7 yet? I’m interested if you’ve utilized any of the new features.