GTC 2020: Accelerated Computing Teaching Kit for University Educators: Introduction and Use Cases

GTC 2020 S22414
Presenters: Joseph Bungo,NVIDIA ; Adarsh Krishnamurthy,Iowa State University
As performance and functionality requirements for computing applications rise, industry demand for new graduates familiar with accelerated computing with GPUs grows. This session introduces the newest version of the Accelerated Computing Teaching Kit: a comprehensive set of academic labs, university teaching material, and e-book for use in introductory and advanced parallel programming courses. The teaching materials start with the basics and focus on programming GPUs, and include advanced topics such as optimization, advanced architectural enhancements, and integration of a variety of programming languages. We’ll present a successful course-adoption case at Iowa State University — one of many worldwide — along with student feedback. The course at Iowa State covers an introduction to parallel computing using GPUs and its application to solid modeling and CAD. As part of the course outcomes, students were able to demonstrate the use of GPU-accelerated computing in their research by working on an individual course project that uses some of the techniques taught in the class. Finally, we’ll discuss brand-new teaching kit modules covering CUDA 11, multi-GPU, and the latest libraries.

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