GTC 2020: Accelerated Data ETL and Analytics: Implementations and Algorithms

GTC 2020 CWE21753
Presenters: Nikolay-Sakharnykh,NVIDIA; Jake-Hemstad, NVIDIA; David-Wendt, NVIDIA; Olivier-Lapicque, NVIDIA; Benjamin-Zaitlen, NVIDIA; Rui-Lan, NVIDIA; Mads-Kristensen, NVIDIA
Modern data science and analytics applications have high memory bandwidth and computational demands. GPUs are well equipped for this challenge, processing large amounts of data at high speed. This session focuses on implementations and algorithms for data analytics, such as parallel joins, aggregations, and other data manipulation techniques, as well as string operations, distributed systems, and more. We have a team of experts who architect, develop, and maintain core RAPIDS libraries ready to discuss the nuts and bolts of GPU-accelerated Data ETL & Data Analytics.

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