GTC 2020: Accelerating Python with CUDA

GTC 2020 CWE21742
Presenters: Keith Kraus,NVIDIA; Dante (ML), ; Siu / Graham (Numba), ; Chris (C/C++, Python), ; Ashwin (Pyton, C/C++), ; Brandon (Higher level distributed systems), ; Peter (lower level distributed systems),
The Python ecosystem is composed of a rich set of powerful libraries that work wonderfully well together, providing coherent, beautiful, Pythonic APIs that let developers think less about programming and more about solving problems. On the other hand, Python is known to have performance limitations, and the scale of today’s problems have pushed users to look for more efficient solutions. This session focuses on Python-CUDA capabilities, including libraries available in the ecosystem as options and strategies for building your own Python interface for custom solutions. We have a team of experts who architect, develop, and maintain open-source Python-CUDA libraries who are ready to discuss how to take advantage of CUDA and GPUs from Python.

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