GTC 2020: Animation, Segmentation, and Statistical Modeling of Biological Cells Using Microscopy Imaging and GPU Compute

GTC 2020 S21944
Presenters: Theo Knijnenburg,Allen Institute for Cell Science ; Jianxu Chen,Allen Institute for Cell Science
This presentation describes the use of GPU compute in the Allen Institute for Cell Science. The mission of the Allen Institute for Cell Science is to create dynamic and multi-scale visual models of cell organization, dynamics, and activities that capture experimental observation, theory, and prediction to understand and predict cellular behavior in its normal, regenerative, and pathological contexts. Our first project is to understand how the parts of the cells integrate to determine diverse cellular behaviors as revealed through 3D live-cell imaging, creating a dynamic and animated virtual model of the cell. We will describe three applications where we use GPU-compute solutions for our research; these include (1) animation, (2) segmentation, and (3) statistical modeling of biological cell images.

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