GTC 2020: Autonomous Anomaly Detection for Dense-Sensor IoT Prognostics

GTC 2020 S21621
Presenters: Akshay Subramaniam,NVIDIA ; Guang Wang,Oracle
Low latencies and high throughputs are critical to achieving real-time streaming prognostics, particularly in cloud environments. Learn how NVIDIA GPU acceleration of MSET2, Oracle’s advanced machine learning pattern-recognition innovation, yields substantial reductions in latency and enhancements to throughput rates on-premises and in cloud environments. This work will enable customers in dense-sensor internet-of-things industries such as utilities, smart manufacturing, oil and gas, government, and commercial aviation to harness vast amounts of data from plants and physical assets to gain valuable prognostic insights. We’ll discuss our collaboration on accelerating MSET2 and the substantial (upwards of 200x) acceleration results we achieved.

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