GTC 2020: Containers Runtime, Orchestration and Monitoring

GTC 2020 CWE22195
Presenters: ,
Interactive session to answer any questions you might have regarding:

  • Using GPUs with Linux containers technologies (such as Docker, Podman, LXC, Rkt, Kata or Singularity)
  • Deploy GPU applications in your cluster with containers orchestrators (such as Kubernetes or Swarm)
  • Monitor your applications (DCGM, Prometheus and Grafana).
  • Fully containerized GPU stack (driver container, device plugin, dcgm-exporter)
  • NVIDIA GPU Operator (on click deploy, driver upgrades, container runtime enablement)

We will also share tips on how to tune containers for high-performance applications.

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Is there any way to update Jetpack 3.3 to Jetpack 4.3 remotely so I can update TensorRT? When I tried to run the L4T container with the updated drivers on the machine with Jetpack 3.3 installed I keep running into driver run time issues, is there a way I can address this problem with new containers?


Unfortunately the OTA method we present now only support to upgrade between jetpack4.x -> 4.x. There is no method to upgrade jetpack3.3 to 4.3 remotely. Need to flash with sdkmanager.