GTC 2020: Deep Learning Profiling Technologies

GTC 2020 CWE21282
Presenters: Poonam Chitale,NVIDIA; Timothy Gerdes, NVIDIA; Chris Vinson, NVIDIA; Elias Bermudez, NVIDIA; Jonathan Dekhtiar, NVIDIA
n this session, we’ll provide guidance to data scientists and deep learning researchers who are trying to optimize their networks to take advantage of the high performance that GPUs have to offer. NVIDIA has been working on profiling tools and technologies that make profiling part of the workflow. To construct high-quality models that train faster, you can profile them and understand which operations are taking up the most time and which iterations contribute to maximum utilization of tensor cores, then get recommendations on where performance can be improved. There are several technologies and they vary in the output reports they provide, as well as the visualization provided. Talk to experts to understand which tools to use when.

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