GTC 2020: Drones, Machetes, Fire, and VR: 21st-century Tools for Social and Sustainable Impact

GTC 2020 S21515
Presenters: Dace Campbell,McKinstry
We’ll describe and compare workflows developed for projects on the islands of Kosrae, Micronesia and Vorovoro, Fiji. These projects—collaboratively executed with indigenous locals, universities, social-impact organizations, and technology corporations—built immersive experiences to support grant proposals, feasibility studies, and mitigation plans. Our climate is changing, and our global population is increasing. Remote, indigenous communities are developing to accommodate growth and responsible tourism in the face of catastrophic environmental and political forces. Technology is now available to support and promote development of remote communities in an environmentally and culturally sustainable manner. Specifically, photogrammetry and virtual reality enable effective decisions about mitigating the effects of climate change and developing sustainably by empowering stakeholders with intuitive, immersive experience of site conditions from new points of view.

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