GTC 2020: Fast Evaluation of Eigenvalues of the Overlap-Dirac Operator in Lattice Gauge Theory

GTC 2020 S21219
Presenters: Naga Vijayalakshmi Vydyanathan,NVIDIA; Nilmani Mathur,Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
We’ll describe how to efficiently perform numerical calculations of lattice gauge theory with the Overlap-Dirac action on a 4-dimensional Euclidean space-time lattice. Lattice gauge theory computations on large lattices are crucial for the quantitative study of the physics of strong interactions. This computationally expensive problem requires large supercomputing facilities. We’ll show how to accelerate the eigenvalue computations of the Overlap-Dirac operator for large lattices on multiple GPUs using MPI, OpenACC and CUDA, and discuss performance results on large lattices using hundreds of GPUs. This application is a property of the Indian Lattice Gauge Theory Initiative and its computations will be used in predicting results of experiments in high-energy laboratories such as at CERN (Switzerland), KEK (Japan), BES (China), Fair (Germany), and BNL (U.S.).

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