GTC 2020: Fully Exploiting a GPU Supercomputer for Seismic Imaging

GTC 2020 S21451
Presenters: Lionel Boillot,Total SA; Long Qu,Total SA
We’ll show you how we ported modern seismic applications like Reverse Time Migration, Full Wave Inversion, and One-Way Migration to the GPU-accelerated Pangea III supercomputer. We’ll explain decisive code transformations to take full advantage of the computing power brought by NVIDIA V100, as well as Power9-enhanced multi-GPU support (NVLink/GPUDirect). We’ll describe different CUDA optimization techniques to achieve an asynchronous implementation entirely overlapping communications with the propagation kernels. We’ll also compare OpenACC and CUDA programming models, and outline a new hybrid GPU-CPU data compression algorithm, developed with the support of NVIDIA, that vastly outperforms the CPU version.

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