GTC 2020: Future of ISO and CUDA C++

GTC 2020 CWE21284
Presenters: Bryce Lelbach,NVIDIA; Michal Dominiak, ; David Olsen,
Curious about the future of C++? Interested in learning about the C++ committee’s roadmap for safety critical, concurrent, parallel, and heterogeneous programming?

Come join Olivier Giroux (chair of the C++ committee’s Concurrency and Parallelism group), Bryce Adelstein Lelbach (chair of the C++ committee’s Library Evolution Incubator and Tooling groups), and the rest of NVIDIA’s ISO C++ committee delegation for a Q&A session about the future of the C++ programming language.

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Can you share the link for the YouTube playlist that Bryce was referring at beginning of the session (at 3:33 in the video)?

I think he was referring to this: