GTC 2020: Graduate Fellowship Fast Forward Talks

GTC 2020 S21115
Presenters: Bill Dally,NVIDIA; Bastian Hagedorn,University of Münster; Chen-Hsuan Lin,Carnegie Mellon University; Huaizu Jiang,University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Lifan Wu,University of California, San Diego; Jeremy Bernstein,California Institute of Technology; Daniel Gordon,University of Washington; Ching-An Cheng,Georgia Institute of Technology; De-An Huang,Stanford University; Mariya Popova,Carnegie Mellon University
Join a special presentation from our 2019-20 Graduate Fellowship recipients to learn “what’s next” from the world of research and academia. Sponsored projects involve a variety of technical challenges, including efficiency of deep networks, robot learning, interactive AI, performance portability, deep-learning algorithms for computational chemistry, computer-vision techniques to support learning from large-scale unlabeled data, and physically-based rendering. We believe that these minds lead the future in our industry and we’re proud to support the 2019-20 NVIDIA Graduate Fellows. We’ll also announce the 2020-21 Graduate Fellows at this session. For more information on the NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship program, visit

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