GTC 2020: How AI Is Reinventing Retail

GTC 2020 S22200
Presenters: Azita Martin,NVIDIA; Paul Hendricks,NVIDIA
Innovative retailers and disruptive startups are using AI to streamline logistics and store operations, prevent shrinkage and deliver better shopping experiences both in stores and online. Deep learning and machine learning algorithms can help cut operational expenses, increase revenue and improve decision making. We’ll cover use cases in asset protection, store analytics, autonomous shopping, demand forecasting and warehouse optimization. Learn how NVIDIA’s application frameworks for Data Science, Video Analytics and Conversational AI can help your data science team quickly build AI applications.

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The last slide embedded in the video is not clickable to redirect to more related retail sessions.
It would be helpful to add a link somewhere on the web page.

That’s a great suggestion.
The links will be in the pdf of the session, but at the time of writing it was not available.
You can also use your GTC Scheduler to filter on “Industry”, select Retail