GTC 2020: Khronos Cross-Platform Standards Update: Vulkan, SPIR-V, OpenXR, glTF and OpenCL

GTC 2020 S22158
Presenters: Neil Trevett,NVIDIA
Discover how over 150 companies cooperate at the Khronos Group to create open, royalty-free standards that enable developers to access the power of the GPU to accelerate demanding compute, graphics, and AR/VR applications. This session includes the very latest updates on several Khronos cross-platform standards, including the new Analytic Rendering group for scientific visualization, OpenXR for portable AR and VR, the new-generation Vulkan GPU API, the SPIR-V standard intermediate language for parallel compute and graphics, glTF for efficient transmission of 3D assets, and OpenCL for parallel heterogeneous programming. The session also provides insights into how these open standards are supported across NVIDIA’s product families

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Hi Neil,

Thank you for the presentation on the new developments with Khronos. While it has been a couple months since you mentioned Nvidia’s support for OpenCL 1.2, I’m excited to learn Nvidia GPUs are beginning to support OpenCL 2.0 and wanted to confirm with you if thats actually the case? As shown in the TechPowerUp GPU Database Tesla A100 SXM4 and Quadro RTX 8200.

Best Regards,
Abdo Babukr

Hi Abdo - thank you for the question. NVIDIA is planning to implement and ship OpenCL 3.0 after the final specification is released by the Khronos Group. Any updates will be posted here: Let me know if you have any more detailed questions - happy to try and answer if I can!

Best regards,

Hi Neil,

Exciting news! It’s amazing to see this portability continue to mature in the GPU space. Can’t wait!

Best regards,