GTC 2020: Leveraging OptiX 7 for High-Performance Multi-GPU Ray Tracing on Head-Mounted Displays

GTC 2020 S21425
Presenters: Andreas Dietrich,ESI Group; Eric Kam, ESI Group
NVIDIA recently introduced OptiX 7, which provides low-level access to the RTX technology and raytracing (RT) cores of the Turing architecture. Its CUDA-centric nature enables direct control over GPU resources — particularly in a multi-GPU context — which allows for a much more efficient scalability compared to previous OptiX versions. We’ll show how to utilize OptiX 7 for full-frame raytracing on professional head-mounted displays (HMDs). Specifically, we’ll demonstrate how OptiX is used in a dual-GPU setup to rapidly generate stereoscopic output, tailored to the specific optical characteristics of an HMD. Finally, we’ll provide an overview of how RTX and OptiX 7 are integrated into ESI’s in-house rendering engine Helios, and will demonstrate the potential of real-time raytracing with practical use cases.

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