GTC 2020: NVIDIA Math Libraries

GTC 2020 CWE21216
Presenters: Harun-Bayraktar,NVIDIA; Samuel-Rodriguez-Bernabeu, ; Markus-Hoehnerbach, ; Azzam-Haidar, ; Piotr-Majcher, ; Mahesh-Khadatare, ; Zoheb-Khan, ; Lukasz-Ligowski,
Meet the engineers that create the NVIDIA Math Libraries to get answers to your questions or simply to give your feedback on existing functionality such as how can I leverage Tensor Cores? Or simply join us to request new functionality you need and is missing in our libraries. We will have engineers from linear algebra libraries: cuBLAS, cuSOLVER, cuSPARSE, cuTENSOR; and signal and image processing libraries: cuFFT, NPP and nvJPEG.

Connect directly with NVIDIA Experts to get answers to all of your questions on GPU programming and code optimization, share your experience, and get guidance on how to achieve maximum performance on NVIDIA’s platform.

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